BIDA e.V.Kultur und Bildung (Germany)

BIDA e.V.Kultur und Bildung is a new organisation, but the members of the organisation have already a big experience. Purpose of the organisation is to promote youth and alderly care, art, culture, education using interactive methods for socializing at various target groups and also international understanding and development cooperation.
Last 2 years the organisation created interdisciplinary projects, showing new ways of communication, culture and education, and are facilitating different activities (events, seminars, discussions, workshops) aimed in social integration of marginalized groups and groups at risk of social exclusion – such as immigrants and refugees.



netEDUKACJA (Poland)

The netEDUKACJA is a training centre and a SME (IT sector and e-learning) situated in Gliwice, Silesia Region, Poland. The netEDUKACJA directs its educational services to adults. We offer also in-service training for teachers (related to modular education in a school practice, the process of recognition, validation and accreditation of prior learning outcomes, evaluation and assessment, etc.). Some of courses for teachers are provided online. The institute core staff and associates have many years of practice and pedagogical experience, as former teachers, in the area of public adult education and VET as well as a high level of expertise in modular curricula development, designing and elaboration of training materials and organising educational process with supporting it by ICT tools and e-learning methods.
Regarding IT activity, netEDUKACJA develops LMS, websites, e-learning contents, etc. These competences give a good contribution for projects development considering the technical and methodology requirements.


Apila yhdistyksen liitto ry (Finland)

Apila ry is one of the biggest youth umbrella (network) organizations working with Finnish organizations working with Russianspeaking children and youth in Finland. We have several local offices and branches around Finland and two branches in Denmark and in Norway, and around 25 member organizations with more then 2000 members. The youth department supports all youth initiatives and projects and support development of our member organizations. We are developing political and social interest of Russianspeaking youth in Finland. We are organizing different kind of activities, educations for our member organizations, promotions,different national and international actions, courses, national and international trainings and conferences, festivals and youth exchanges for youth, youth summer camps, discussion clubs, theater groups, Internet cafe, Youth Political clubs, computer courses,travel clubs, media clubs and so on. The Apila ry opened for any Local and International youth and children’s projects and various youth initiatives.
We are a social inclusion organisation. We specifically support immigrants who have just move and not yet achieved academic success and who need support with transition into local community life, work, and social worth. We help them to integrate into society through different methods of education and through our member organizations. We combine multi-cultural, intergenerational and social enterprise approaches to improving skills and personal development of immigrants and refugees. We help our clients to find work, to integrate into society, we offer them lifelong learning opportunities, and support through our member organizations. To gain this we share with a network of organisations with particular professionalism and experience who are working with client groups we support.