International Project Meeting in Poland – Krakow 12-15.02.2015

The role of the host of the meeting belonged to the netEDUKACJA. Participating partners came from Germany and Poland.


Meeting AGENDA
12.02.2015 Arrival of participants.
Accommodation at the Matejko Hotel and Kazimierz Hotel, Kraków

13.02.2015 Meeting place: Hotel Kazimierz, Miodowa street, 16. Name of the conference room: sala Bachusa, ground floor
10.00 Official Start of the Project meeting and welcoming.
Presentation of the meeting agenda and participants.
10.15 netEDUKACJA presentation:
Short presentation about Poland: geography, history, cuisine, etc.
Polish lesson – basic words in 5 minutes
Presentation about host organisation including EU projects (Leonardo da Vinci TOI AGROSKILL project)
10.45 Brief summary about the implementation of the project in each partner country – round table presentation (Bistra, Grazyna)
11.00 Coffee break

12.15 Results and outcomes of the project – presentation by each partner country:
• 2 Workshops “Media for learn and fun”- with Migrant-Women (Bistra Choleva-Laleva and Ildiko Schwarz)
• 1 Workshop “Hi friends, hi my family” – with alcohol-addicted people (Bistra Choleva-Laleva and Julia Kälber)
• 1 Workshop – “Welcome to Suhl”- with young students from Private School for economics and social, special prepared for refugees, (Julia Kälber and Bärbel Kälber)
• 1 Workshop- “How to make Video CV- with long-term unemployed (Dr.Dagmar Römhild).

• In the digital world – 2 Workshops on a theme “Integrated Patient Information Record” (ZIP-Zintegrowany Informator Pacjenta, presentation by:Grażyna Król, Barbara Dzik)
• Course entitled “How to create your own website with using the WordPress CMS system” – presentation of the online course (Karol Król)
• Project website

13.00 Lunch
14.30 Workshop for meeting participants– practical testing of the online course entitled “How to create your own website/blog with using the WordPress CMS system”
15.30 Coffee break
15.45 Online resource center – remarks and partners suggestions as regards content of it and technical aspects
16.15 Information regarding promotion & information about the project in local community including: target groups, identified in each partner institution.
17.00 End of the 1st working day, Free time
19.30 Dinner (optional)
10.00 Review of the Project Proposal and analysing once more about what was planned, what was already done, what should be done before closure of the project, i.e. identifying pending tasks.
10.30 Final Report and EST database input (NA requirements, deadlines). Presenting how Final report form look like.
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Discussion of common issues which have to be included into final report. Suggestions and remarks for EST database input.
Defining tasks, responsibilities and assignments for partner institutions concerning preparation of the Final Raport.
12.30 Project’s dissemination and sustainability – discussion and remarks
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Final conclusions of the meeting. Internal evaluation. Certification
15.00 Culture activities
17.00 End of the meeting
15.02.2015 Departure day







Presentations and Materials