Bilateral project meeting in Suhl, Germany, 22-25.01.2015

The participants came from Germany and Poland.
The meeting was dedicated to the issues related to e-learning among adults. The main topic: The use of digital tools and the internet in adult learning and teaching.

Introduction to the subject and general overview: within “Tools to Fly” current project, Polish partner has been elaborating an online, step by step, course entitled “How to create your own website/blog with using the WordPress CMS system”. Polish language version of this course is ready and available online, English version is just being elaborating and it is going to be ready in March.
During the current bilateral meeting the online course was demonstrated to German partner, and then, during the practical workshop we did some testing of it and discussed abut strengts and weeknesses of this course. Final results of this activities was decision which parts of the course need to be improved or extended and in which way.
Apart from this main issue, during the current meeting we have been discussing the problems and obstacles faced when using digital tools and the internet in adult learning and teaching.

Meeting Agenda

Participants during the meeting: